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Importance of Digital Marketing for a New and Existing Brand

There is so much buzz going on about digital marketing and its advantages these days as most of the companies these days are switching to digital means to maintain relationships and target new clients.

Our desire for change and modernization has brought us all on a very different path than what used to be traditional means and that is why it has become important for all businesses, new and old to know about the importance of digital marketing and involve their business in the same.

One of the major reasons is that all the customers are online. Yes! These days everybody prefers shopping or availing services online than a physical visit for the same. Your existing customers are already looking for you online, however, if they fail to find you they will probably switch to someone else who is capable of providing them with this facility. Not just the existing ones, but there is a whole wide range of new customers for you to target as well.

Secondly, cost affordability. The use of a digital marketing strategy to promote your business is way cheaper than the traditional means and thus helps you save to spend it on the expansion and further promotion of your business. It only requires a thorough study of the market for which you can always hire a digital marketing expert to help you out in your grey areas.

A digital platform allows you to measure the growth, downfall, revenues, and costs easily. It is very easy for you to place a count on the number of people who engaged with your brand which can also be potential customers in the future. You can monitor all your ads and campaigns in the comfort of your house and also identify the mistakes to perform better in the future.

Digital marketing trends and policies help you build a reputation for your brand that allows the customers to see what your business is all about and helps build rapport with your customers. A solid brand image online will help people choose faster and make quicker decisions to settle with you. Content marketing and social media marketing are two of the easiest ways to build a reputation for the brand and reach more people than ever.

A business must expose itself to bigger audiences to grow as it is the need of the hour and digital marketing is the most comfortable way to achieve it. It might sound scary at first, however, once you learn the potentials that it can have for your business, you wouldn’t mind going for it.

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Why is an E-Commerce Website Necessary and What are its Advantages?

We are already well aware of why a website is important for any business, however, an E-Commerce business needs a website more than any other one. There are no doubts that selling products online has been a great opportunity for all businesses. Of course, listing on big marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, etc has its own limitations in terms of sales and revenues earned through them, that is why it becomes even more important and convenient to have a website of your own.

From a customer’s aspect an E-Commerce website is very convenient to make purchases and view new products. The process is very quick and people can make use of this service 24/7 from the comfort of their room. Not just this, customers can be provided with a lot of information through this and the businesses can adapt according to the new technology and lifestyle changes.

For the brand, developing an E-Commerce website can increase their reach. Millions of people all over the world can access the products. With this advancement, there are no geographical limitations and the whole world is your playground. You can easily personalise the product listing once you have created them and this gives the buyers more information on what you have to offer.

All the extra costs that you need to pay for a physical store are cut down to a minimum and the extra money that you get can be used to give the customers monetary benefits and discounts which in turn will engage even more customers as this acts as an incentive. With the help of placing cookies on the customer’s computer you can realise what all they are looking for and thus create a path for targeted communication.

All in all, having a website of your own can help you grow your business, gain new insights, know about the market and any existing competition better than you can physically, and gives you a chance to be creative with all your marketing strategies. This diversification is healthy, it saves a lot of money and more importantly time.

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5 Things to Keep in Mind While Designing a Website

Be it an existing website or a completely new website, the functionality, appearance, and aesthetics of it matter a lot. Web developers and designers have to work together to produce a website that is easily located by the search engines, engages customers, and also stimulate conversions. Some of the important factors to consider while designing your website are,

1. Optimized for Mobile Devices

Today’s world exists at the tips of our fingers and people spend more time surfing on mobiles than on their PCs or laptops. So, it becomes really important to optimize your website for any mobile device. Check for the page speed, image rendering, and the scroll depth of the website and its pages on multiple devices just to make sure that everything is functioning properly.

2. CTA (Call to Action)

A CTA like “Contact Us”, is very important for any website as it demonstrates that the business wants to build a relationship with the customer. It is a very clear indication of what steps you want them to take next after consuming all the relevant information that your website has given them already. Make sure that the CTA of your website is visible and easily accessible.

3. Branding

Putting a tag that specifies that this website is of your business is very important. The design, color, and fonts of your logo are an important part of the website. Place the logo at an easily visible location on the site. Branding helps solidify the trust of people and also in the identification of the brand. Also, putting out the logo on all the shipments, packages, and print advertising will benefit the business.

4. Design and Colour Scheme

As is well said that “The first impression is the last impression”, you don’t want a bad one, so the layout of the website needs to be appealing. The design of the site should be clean and easy to read and navigate. It’s essential to know the company’s niche and use color according to the same as different colors evoke different emotions in people. This sets a good impression on the viewers and makes the website look attractive.

5. Navigation and Usability

Good navigation in a website gives a better user experience to the customers, and a good experience is necessary to make the users come back to you and your website. Add a site map to make the navigation process of your website more efficient. Websites that are easy to use are more likely to garner more customers and usability can be increased by displaying the products and services on the home page making it easy for the user to avail themselves.

To review, in addition to increasing the traffic, providing CTA, generating leads, a website’s work is also to give a better user experience to the customer by providing engaging SEO-friendly content and providing an easy to navigate and appealing experience.

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Why having a digital presence is essential in 2021 ?

As more and more people are advancing into the digital era, the online presence of any brand has become a necessity these days. These days a lot of customers are relying on digital means for products and services.  So, this becomes the best time to leverage different digital marketing and social media marketing tools to create a strong digital presence.

Also, due to the Covid situation, it has become a major concern for all the brands to shift from there traditional means of business to new and modern ones. The way things were before is likely to not work out anymore. Some of the major reasons why you should have a digital presence in 2021 are,

1. Increases the Market Reach

Taking on the online platform means that you no longer have any physical restrictions. This gives you a chance to serve at the global level, ultimately giving you a chance to learn about new and exciting business opportunities.

2. Increases Engagement

 When you plan to go digital, it gives all of your existing and new customers a better chance to interact with your business. There will be a lot of digital channels for the customers to reach out to you for their problems. Also, this gives you a chance to easily collect the feedback and improvise on your services if needed.

3. Increases Revenue

The most obvious reason why any business would go digital is to earn better revenues. It is possible because of so many social media channels being targeted at once. It has also been observed that people who stick to traditional means might even lose opportunities to reach the modern people who rely so much on digital and social media channels.

These are just some of the many advantages that digital media has to offer to you. Apart from all this it can allow you to keep track of your business and other related campaigns, build a reputation for your brand. You can also use the available data to find out if you are actually getting the results for which you started in the first place.