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Be it an existing website or a completely new website, the functionality, appearance, and aesthetics of it matter a lot. Web developers and designers have to work together to produce a website that is easily located by the search engines, engages customers, and also stimulate conversions. Some of the important factors to consider while designing your website are,

1. Optimized for Mobile Devices

Today’s world exists at the tips of our fingers and people spend more time surfing on mobiles than on their PCs or laptops. So, it becomes really important to optimize your website for any mobile device. Check for the page speed, image rendering, and the scroll depth of the website and its pages on multiple devices just to make sure that everything is functioning properly.

2. CTA (Call to Action)

A CTA like “Contact Us”, is very important for any website as it demonstrates that the business wants to build a relationship with the customer. It is a very clear indication of what steps you want them to take next after consuming all the relevant information that your website has given them already. Make sure that the CTA of your website is visible and easily accessible.

3. Branding

Putting a tag that specifies that this website is of your business is very important. The design, color, and fonts of your logo are an important part of the website. Place the logo at an easily visible location on the site. Branding helps solidify the trust of people and also in the identification of the brand. Also, putting out the logo on all the shipments, packages, and print advertising will benefit the business.

4. Design and Colour Scheme

As is well said that “The first impression is the last impression”, you don’t want a bad one, so the layout of the website needs to be appealing. The design of the site should be clean and easy to read and navigate. It’s essential to know the company’s niche and use color according to the same as different colors evoke different emotions in people. This sets a good impression on the viewers and makes the website look attractive.

5. Navigation and Usability

Good navigation in a website gives a better user experience to the customers, and a good experience is necessary to make the users come back to you and your website. Add a site map to make the navigation process of your website more efficient. Websites that are easy to use are more likely to garner more customers and usability can be increased by displaying the products and services on the home page making it easy for the user to avail themselves.

To review, in addition to increasing the traffic, providing CTA, generating leads, a website’s work is also to give a better user experience to the customer by providing engaging SEO-friendly content and providing an easy to navigate and appealing experience.

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